Welcome to sinful ink tattoo studio.

We are a family run business and have been since 2012, we pride ourselves in making our clients experience an amazing one from start to finish.

We have a 4/4 star hygiene rating and pride ourselves on non cross contamination. Our clients safety is paramount.

Our artists:

Andrew. Instagram: Sinfulink72

Andrew has been tattooing for 15+ years and has a lot of versatility in styles, mostly a black and grey artist but does occasionally do colour if needed. He is the owner of sinful ink and will go out his way to help his clients,

Jessica. Instagram: Jessicalouise952

Jessica has been tattooing over 10 years and is a line work perfectionist, her style is beautiful and she creates some beautiful work. She does amazing dotwork too and will go out her way to make her clients proud to wear her designs

Johnothan. Instagram: Foggy2269

Johnny has been with sinful ink for a while now and is a very versatile artist, he will go out his way to help his clients and make them feel at home, his cheeky attitude is an asset to our studio and his versatility is amazing, he will do most styles off ink for you

Paul. Instagram: Paul sinfulink fryer

Paul has been with sinful ink since 2018 and has acquired a good aspect of tattooing and is such a friendly face and has a great cheeky attitude towards his clients, he is a fantastic asset to the studio with great versatility

Chloe. Instagram: Chloe.grierson14

Chloe has been with us since 2021 and is learning the art off tattooing very well she is such a friendly face and goes out her way to help people in the studio, she loves to do linework, stippling black and grey work. Such an asset to sinful ink.